Estudio Jurídico y Económico

Ferrer Asociados Estudio Jurídico y Económico is a multidisciplinary law firm that advises companies and private individuals on tax, labour and accounting matters. We also provide legal representation services law to both businesses and private individuals in the areas of civil, business, administrative and labour.

Our Values

Honesty and transparency, Effective and Efficient, Dedicated and Specialisation in each area they guarantee the quality of our clients’ projects.

Why choose Ferrer Asociados?

Our assignments are handled based on the consensus of a committee formed by experts in different areas within the team.

Legal area

  • Law firm

  • Civil and commercial law department

  • Labour law department
  • Administrative Dispute legal department

Management Area

  • Financial advice

  • Fiscal

  • Accountant

  • Labor

Way of working

  • Legal Project Management
  • Pricing

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Anything you need, we can help you, just all ears …