Our firm provides advice on wills and inheritance law. We ensure our clients’ estates are dealt with according to their wishes and that everything is set out clearly in the will.

The laws governing inheritance and legacies are copious. There are numerous case studies and a substantial body of case law to consider. There are also regional laws that deviate from the common law. Of course, private international law is extremely important for inheritance and wills because each territory has different regulations. This makes it necessary to understand the rules that apply in each region: how to transfer ownership and the appropriate procedures. We determine whether a will is valid, which includes considering the place and time it is granted. IT is a broad subject covered by a large number of international conventions, European regulations – Regulation 650/2012, of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 July 2012, on competition, applicable law, recognition and enforcement of resolutions, on the acceptance and enforcement of public documents in the field of Mortis causa succession and the creation of a The European Certificate of Succession – and abundant domestic and state legislation in territories with legislative powers in this field.

Importance of taxation in succession:

Our legal team oversees succession matters for our clients, including tax planning for the succession, managed jointly by our civil and tax departments.

Wills and legacies can sometimes deteriorate into disputes because the heirs do not agree on their inheritance shares. In cases like these, we represent our clients in court, where these questions are decided.

A thorough understanding of inheritance law is also useful in economic claims, where debtors have hereditary rights over not-yet-accepted goods. We investigate these circumstances and force them to accept the goods to become part of the debtor’s estate and can therefore be claimed by the creditors.

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