Our Legal Department advises on and drafts lease agreements of all types for residential property, retail and industrial premises, and leases for holiday properties and even rural estates.

We assist our customers in ensuring that the lease has all the necessary contractual terms and conditions, covering all circumstances that may arise. We also help with any taxes payable in connection with the lease.

This type of contract is extremely important, and the terms and conditions must be acceptable to all parties. A ‘standard’ lease agreement is inadvisable because each contractual relationship is different and affected by different circumstances. It is therefore essential to ensure that the lease contains important conditions for each party. Any issues are then managed efficiently because the contingency is covered by the terms and conditions of the lease.

We can also bring claims in court for non-payment of rent, amounts due, evictions, nullity of contractual clauses, claims for the refund of security deposits, and so on.

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