We represent our clients in bankruptcy proceedings as lawyers for individuals and companies who need to file for bankruptcy and as lawyers for creditors involved in bankruptcy proceedings because their debtors have been declared insolvent. They must keep their claims valid throughout the procedure until they are paid.

As lawyers for individuals and companies in a current or imminent insolvency situation, we advise clients to make the right decision on whether or not to file for bankruptcy. Sometimes, in this area, appropriate, timely advice based on all the relevant information is essential. It allows our clients to decide considering all their circumstances and save the economy of a company or a family. However, for clients to make these decisions, they need high quality, specialised information. Only then can they understand all the procedures involved in the insolvency process and the consequences of both applying and failure to apply. We ensure our clients know the implications of both courses of action, which are different in each case.

On the other hand, as lawyers for creditors of a person or company declared bankrupt, we advise and defend our clients throughout the process to secure payment of the amounts owed. It is necessary to check the integrity of the claim, supervise its inclusion in the insolvency information, the proper classification of the claim, client representation at creditors’ meetings and the filing of any incidents that may be necessary to ensure that our clients’ credit rights are not impaired, finally confirming collection.

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