Our firm will study your particular situation and draw up a plan to conduct your projects or ideas in the most convenient way and minimise your tax bill. Our work comprises a detailed study of your circumstances that will allow you to decide with the utmost confidence, knowing the tax costs in advance.

Tax planning consists of legitimate decision-making by the taxpayer, aimed at reducing its tax obligations, within a framework of options offered by fiscal regulations and therefore fully legal. It is also known as the economy of choice. The Constitutional Court, in its Judgment of 17 February 2000, defined it as “the possibility of choosing between several legally valid alternatives aimed at achieving the same end, but each generating some additional advantage over the others“. In the Anglo-Saxon context, the term ‘tax shelter’ is used.

Today, most acts or businesses that both companies and individuals conduct have considerable tax effects. What’s more, sometimes, the tax treatment of an operation can hold back its launch or operation, and it hinders the performance of the plan. To know the tax burden of each act or business, the firm advises on the most efficient way to carry out the ideas and projects of each person or entity. The importance of tax planning lies in the fact that the application of taxation to a given situation does not end when a plan is implemented. Still, it often has implications beyond that moment in countless cases, even conditioning the future taxation of a recent decision. For example, assets transferred between fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters; in the succession of companies between generations; in savings of individuals and contributions to social security systems; in investments that companies intend to make and that will be amortised over several years; in reinvestment of funds obtained from a transaction; in the repatriation of dividends between different entities within a group of companies; etc.

Tax planning has many possibilities in the field of international taxation.

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