Our firm advises clients on environmental and business licences. We represent their interests in these procedures and in court, if necessary, in contentious-administrative proceedings related to environmental and business opening licences.

Following Community Directives, particularly the so-called Services Directive, as regards opening and similar permits, account must be taken of the possible replacement of licenses by prior communications and/or responsible declarations, followed by the corresponding administrative check, provided that the intended action or activity falls within the scope of those rules.

Among these are activities that cause a nuisance, are unhealthy, harmful, and dangerous. (i) nuisance activities are those that cause discomfort from noise, vibration, fumes, gases, odours, suspended powders, (ii) unhealthy activities are those that generate fumes that can directly or indirectly harm human health; (iii) harmful activities are those that can affect the forest, livestock, fish, or animals; and, finally, (iv) hazardous activities consist of handling substances that may cause explosion or combustion. These activities are subjected to closer administrative supervision before licences are granted.

Our firm can assist you in obtaining activity licenses. If necessary, we can represent you in administrative and contentious-administrative procedures related to this field.

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