We are well qualified to assist clients in procedures for obtaining building permits from the authorities. To do this, we work closely with the site management, supervising the work according to the client’s preferences, forming a perfectly integrated team and obtaining the necessary permits.

The building licence is a city-planning licence. Building permits are planning documents. They are declarations issued by the municipal authority that allow the applicant to use, exploit, transform, segregate, and build on the land, subsoil, and flight after checking that the planned activities comply with the regulations in force. The state has no authority in planning matters; however, it is responsible for establishing the basic conditions that ensure equality for all Spaniards in the exercise of their rights and in the fulfilment of their constitutional duties. The Autonomous Regions hold power to legislate on administrative intervention in town planning matters. However, these exclusive powers do not allow them to ignore the exclusive powers of the State. The local government, on the other hand, supervises the legality of planning and the exercise of disciplinary control. Planning, management, and planning enforcement are the responsibility of town councils, always within the terms established by state law, particularly those of the Autonomous Regions.

We also defend our clients’ interests in court, if necessary, and in contentious-administrative proceedings that arise due to problems and lawsuits derived from one of these buildings licences.

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