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In Ferrer Asociados we have a multidisciplinary team of experts in each subject. Specialists in solutions in the economic, financial and legal field in constant evolution, study and improvement of all our services.

Advice from companies and individuals, we cover the areas of tax, labor and accounting advice, which also offers legal defense services in the areas of civil, commercial, contentious-administrative and labor law and tax, accounting and labor advice, both of companies as of individuals.

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In a global world in which we currently operate, obviously, we can provide our services only through the Internet, without the need to travel to our offices. For this, we can receive the documentation through the internet (either by email or by any platform or means of sending confidential information) and make appointments and meetings equally online. In fact, this technology is what allows us to have clients in practically the entire national territory, without the physical proximity between our businesses being a requirement for this.
No. Flatly, no. We are not in favor of introducing penalties, permanence or notice in our service provision contracts. Our commitment is very clear and our relationship very transparent. While our services are necessary, we will provide them with pleasure. If they are no longer necessary, the client should not worry about anything or any expense for ceasing to be part of our client portfolio.

Yes. The client who prefers to always deal with the same person will be assigned a personal advisor, if that helps him to better manage his affairs. You can do this, you just have to inform the office and proceed to assign a personal advisor.

The taxes of small and medium enterprises, except for particular occasions, present their taxes on a quarterly basis, so that at least once every three months it is necessary to bring the invoices to the consultancy. However, for a better analysis of the accounting of the companies, we recommend that you give us all the documentation once a month, since, by having the economic and financial data in advance, we can offer you better advice from the point of economic and financial view.

Banking movements must be accounted for in all companies and in individuals who carry out a commercial activity with a net amount of turnover up to 600,000 euros per year, since they are required to keep the accounts in accordance with the Commercial Code. The rest of the taxpayers, individuals, except those that are taxed under an objective estimation system or modules, do not have the same accounting obligations, but are only required to keep records of income, expenses, investment goods and, in their case, of provisions of funds, so that it is not necessary to account for bank movements. However, it must be taken into account that there are expenses (such as commissions, interest, etc.) that appear in bank movements without normally issuing an invoice for them, which must also be recorded as an expense.

Indeed, accounting can be carried out by each company without the need to hire our accounting services. Currently, we provide tax and accounting advice services to numerous companies that, for any reason (usually, due to their size) decide to have an internal accounting department so that our services consist of accounting review and tax filing, as well as in tax and accounting advice.

If the circumstances of the case permit, we can agree to a fee to success. Our firm does not intend to charge for studying your case. We believe that what the client is looking for is the creation of value for their project, issue, procedure or personal situation, without receiving lessons of Law for it, so that said creation of value is what we intend to charge.

Of course, in business advocacy it is very common to establish a matching regime so that clients have the possibility of having a legal advisor on the other side of the phone in any circumstance, if they need to wait for an appointment to be assigned or give a solution to your matter. Our firm offers these types of solutions and can hire legal services with you to make you feel as if your business has an in-house lawyer.

No. You are completely free to hire only those services that you need, without necessarily having to hire all the services offered by our office. The reason we offer a comprehensive service is to facilitate the management of the clients’ business, so that they do not worry about legal, economic and financial matters. Thus, tax and accounting advice is closely linked to the commercial, bankruptcy and tax branches of Law; labor advice is closely linked to labor procedural law; financial and economic advice is closely linked to civil and commercial law, etc. That is why we recommend hiring a comprehensive service, but we are aware that you may already have contracted those services with other professionals, so we will be happy to work as a team with those other professionals you trust.

Yes. In our office we take care of defending your interests at the judicial headquarters without subcontracting those services with other offices. Thus, if you need to discuss any aspect of your matter or hold a face-to-face meeting, telephone or online, you can do so directly with the lawyer who will defend you in court.

You will find yourself permanently informed of the evolution of your affairs, whatever their progress may be. We know that you want to be constantly informed of the status of the file you have given us. We also know that, on occasion, for reasons beyond our control, the procedures do not proceed as expected (judicial proceedings, resources, obtaining subsidies, tax inspections, economic-administrative claims, etc.), however, our commitment to You are keeping him informed in any case and regardless of whether the advance is desired or not. We are aware that you need peace of mind and that is why you deposit your affairs in the hands of professionals, so that professional advice is what you expect in return.

On some occasions, it is quite simple to determine the chances of success; in others, it is more complicated to know in advance what the viability of your matter will be. However, in order for you to have all the necessary information to make your decisions, we will present a report with the probabilities of success and the feasibility that your case presents before the beginning of it. In this way, your decision will be taken by previously having the necessary information for you.

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