Our way

FerrerAsociados Estudio Jurídico y Economía was born in 2012, with the opening of an office in Moraira-Teulada, on Avenida del Portet, number 52, of the “el Fortí” building. Since then, we have been in charge of tax, labor and accounting advice for numerous companies, as well as legal advice to companies and individuals.

IRPF y prestaciones por ERTE


After a powerful growth of our company, above all, thanks to our clients and the passion for our profession, in 2017 we opened a new office in Jávea, on Avenida del Pla, number 126, “Arenal Shopping Center”, office 2.04. The purpose of this new opening is to offer our services to a greater number of clients, as well as to achieve a greater professional development of our office.

At present

We have joined the Madrid Bar Association and are part of the Corporate Law and Corporate Governance, Tax Law, Procedural Law and Restructuring and Insolvency sections.


We hope to continue growing and helping our clients to achieve their objectives in what we like to do, which is tax, labor and accounting advice, and representation and defense in civil, commercial, contentious-administrative and labor legal matters.


Professionalism and ethical behaviour are the hallmarks of our firm. Together, they form the basis of the reliability that clients expect from a firm in which they can entrust their affairs.

Together with the important principle of Professionalism, Ethics stands as an inspiring criterion of the Firm, since with these two the Responsibility expected by the clients of its Trusted Firm is built.


Trust is pivotal to everything we do at FerrerAsociados. Without trust, our work would be pointless. That is why we are determined to earn our clients’ confidence which is the foundation for all our advice.

The activity that FerrerAsociados develops is based entirely on trust, so that without this, the activity has no objective. Therefore, we are extremely interested in working and deserve the trust of our clients, as the basis for any advice..

Value creation

One of Ferrer Asociados is adding value to companies and projects through professionalism and excellence.

Professionally, one of the goals we consider most important is that after any of the interventions of FerrerAsociados, customers have been able to add value to their companies and projects.

By your side

We believe in personal service, and the need to understand our clients and their projects in order to offer the best service, which we can only do by being close to you.

We believe in personal treatment, and in the need to know deeply the clients and their projects in order to offer the best service, which is achieved through closeness.


Ferrer Asociados wants to lead in services in our market. To do this, our team works hard with enthusiasm and perseverance to achieve that goal. We collaborate widely to offer our clients an ultra-personalised service.

FerrerAsociados aims to be a leader in its services and its market. For this, the professionals that make up the firm work daily with enthusiasm and perseverance to reach that goal. The firm has very extensive collaborations, with which it tries to offer an ultra-personalized service to customers.


At Ferrer Asociados we are aware of the changeable context and constant evolution that marks our activity. That’s why it is so important for our team to have training plans that enable them to offer services at the cutting edge of science and technology.

In FerrerAsociados we are aware of the changing and continuous evolution character of our activity. Therefore, it is extremely important that our professionals carry out training plans, through which it is possible to offer services at the forefront of science and technology.