Our legal department drafts and reviews building contracts between developers and contractors and is well-versed in building regulations.

We know that properly drafting and reviewing these agreements is the best way to avoid disagreements and misunderstandings between the parties during the building process. Unfortunately, these steps usually take some time to complete because such aspects are inevitably omitted from initial discussions, only to emerge once the work has started. These may be additional jobs not foreseen in the initial project, changes to the project, unforeseen circumstances, and endless other permutations.

In all these situations, it is important to have agreements in place that cover everything necessary, including specific provisions to protect in case of unforeseen problems as they emerge.

Certificate of Acceptance:

We believe that the certificate of acceptance delivered when the work is complete is a particularly important document when it comes to building. Certificates are issued with or without provisos and cover the finished work or phases as agreed by the parties.

This certificate is important because the client can refuse to accept the works if he does not consider them finished or they are not up to the expected standard. If the work is rejected, this must be set out in an official document, complete with a new deadline for the handover.

The works must be accepted with the acceptance certificate within 30 days from the completion date unless agreed otherwise. The term is calculated from the date on which the developer is given written notice. However, when thirty days elapse after notification to the developer and no comments or a motivated written refusal to accept the works are received, the work is deemed tacitly received by the developer without provisos, i.e. to the customer’s satisfaction.

It is worth remembering that the liability and guarantees periods established by law are calculated from the day the acceptance is signed or when the work is tacitly received, as explained above.

Our staff will advise you and look after your interests, whether you are a construction company, developer or another party involved in the building process. We are experts in building and construction contracts and documentation.

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