You can entrust our tax department with any tax inspection procedure, leaving us to deal with the Administration on your behalf.

A tax inspection involves checks and investigations conducted by the Tax Administration using means, powers, and prerogatives not available to other tax administration bodies

It aims, among other things, to (i) investigate the factual assumptions of tax obligations for the discovery of those not known by the Administration; (ii) verify the veracity and accuracy of the tax statements submitted by the taxpayer; (iii) actions obtain information related to the application of taxes; (iv) the verification of the value of income, rent, products, goods, assets, companies and other elements, where necessary for the determination of tax obligations; (v) the verification of compliance with the requirements for obtaining tax benefits or incentives and tax refunds, as well as for the application of special tax regimes; (vi) information to taxpayers regarding inspection proceedings concerning their tax rights and obligations and how they must comply; (vii) tax settlements resulting from their verification and investigation proceedings; (viii) the conduct of limited checks; (ix) advice and reporting to public administration bodies; etc.

Our practice is ready to assist, advise and defend you in case of a tax inspection. We specialise in protecting clients’ rights in procedures that end with the settlement decision after the formalisation of the review.

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