Why choose Ferrer Asociados?

Business often requires ad hoc legal solutions. After all, the law is alive and is always changing. Recent times have seen enormous changes to legislation, with amendments to existing laws and new ones enacted.

Society needs this legislative development, however, areas of the law often overlap, so it would be negligent to advise on civil matters without considering the tax implications; or to give an opinion on a commercial matter without accounting for any possible administrative, labour, fiscal and tax implications, etc. For example, adopting solutions in the field of labour relations without considering procedural aspects such as the admissibility of evidence may lead to serious complications for clients. Also, it would be unwise to provide accounting advice without a thorough knowledge of bankruptcy law, which may have disastrous consequences. In other words, nowadays the situation is highly complex and specialised knowledge of several branches of knowledge must be applied generally because everything is so inexorably and deeply interconnected.

This is one of the ways that we offer extra value to our clients with our tax, labour and accounting consultancy and a law practice as part of the same firm.

The solutions we offer our clients solutions have been analysed from all possible viewpoints by economists and tax experts, accounting and labour specialists and the staff of the legal department in their different areas. Our assignments are handled based on the consensus of a committee formed by experts in different areas within the team.

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