Our firm is an expert in advising on this special corporate tax regime. Our tax department finds the best option for you to start your projects. If appropriate, we will inform you about the benefits of taking advantage of the special scheme governing mergers, divisions, asset contributions, exchange of values and change of registered office.

This special regime is based on the idea of neutrality so that merger, split, asset contributions, securities swaps and change of address operations are neither encouraged nor hindered. In addition, administrative procedures are simplified, and the payment of taxes that would have taken place if this regime did not apply is postponed or deferred.

In this regard, the tax scheme applicable to structural modifications of capital companies allows the transfer of goods between the persons involved following the law; there are no taxes on transmission or taxes on profits on these transmissions, which will enable entities to distribute their assets among the different companies using the restructuring operations, encouraging economic activity by removing barriers that without this special scheme, would be detrimental to companies.

This voluntary scheme must be communicated to the Administration within the legally prescribed time limits; otherwise, there are high penalties for non-compliance.

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