Our legal department advises clients on property sales and acquisitions, property companies’ mergers and acquisitions, and property rights transfers. In addition, we specialise in conducting searches of the status of properties in the land registry, of cadastral and planning data, ensuring that the information in the register is correct and coincides with the physical and legal status of the property. Registration in the property register is voluntary, but it is crucial to security and protection, meaning that this voluntary check is essential in all cases.

As a multidisciplinary firm, we provide comprehensive advice, assisting our clients with civil and tax matters and other aspects of the law as required (such as labour, administrative and planning law).

Our property law department conducts the necessary searches and checks to enable our clients to transfer and acquire property rights and fundamental rights with peace of mind based on verified knowledge of the circumstances underlying each operation.

We search town council records and conduct formalities in external perimeters and gradient permits, planning reports, liens and encumbrances, infringement reports, compatibility reports, occupancy certificates, planning compliance certificates, etc.

To guarantee the peace of mind that our customers expect, our office checks the planning status of buildings and land, obtaining all necessary administrative certifications; the registration description, with a thorough analysis of any liens and encumbrances. In addition, we ensure that both the cadastral plots and the buildings located on them are correctly registered in the real estate cadastre and take care of all other formalities.

The agreements commonly used in real estate transactions are the reservation contract, letter of intent, earnest money contract, private contract of sale, and others.

We draft and oversee all the agreements that make up a conveyancing transaction and help clients sign and obtain the public deeds that document real estate transactions.

We also provide advice on mortgage law, particularly the law regulating real estate credit agreements, so that clients are fully are aware of the implications of any mortgage rights over the property. Sometimes mortgages are granted by banks, but by other organisations or individuals. We advise borrowers and lenders on mortgage transactions and check that mortgage guarantees are tailored to our client’s interests.

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