We can advise you on the best option for setting up your company and, if applicable, the most suitable corporate structure for your project. Depending on your interests and what you intend to do with the profits you make from your activity, we can advise you on an appropriate corporate structure for your companies. For example, based on our advice, you can build a group of companies that allows for repatriation of dividends from subsidiaries to parent companies which entails considerable tax advantages, with an exemption on a large part of the repatriated dividends. Doing this will enable you to channel the flow of funds from business profits to the company where you want to launch your next project or simply to the type of investment or activity that interests you.

This advice, which allows considerable savings in tax when your project’s purpose permits, can only be obtained with a thorough understanding of your business ideas and interests. Our experts will be pleased to advise you and, if you wish, to help you to make decisions to achieve these tax savings. Our experts study the business and sector to perfectly understand you situation and the future and viability of your project. We can then advise you appropriately so you can decide.

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