Our practice advises and informs clients about the different subsidies and aids for which they are eligible, making the pertinent applications and ensuring that all the requirements are met.

Our office has specialised in obtaining information about the subsidies and aid available to our clients. You can be sure that we will keep you up-to-date with all the options as they emerge.

Subsidies and grants can be classified by the government body that grants them and the source of the funds: (i) subsidies from the European Union, where the aid is directly granted to the recipient by the Community institution, without the intermediary of the State or an autonomous region; (ii) state subsidies; (iii) regional subsidies; (iv) subsidies granted by local councils; and (v) aid from other public administrations.

Regarding the way they are granted, subsidies can be divided into (i) those granted on a competitive basis; i.e. those given by means of a procedure whereby the applications submitted are compared and prioritised according to the criteria established in the rules in the invitation to apply. The ones that score the highest receive the aid. Then, there are also grants known as direct grants, which are provided for in the General State Budgets, the Autonomous Regions or Local Entities, which are granted and the amount of which are imposed on the Administration by law. However, these also include aid awarded for reasons of public, social, economic, or humanitarian interest or other duly justified reasons which make a public call difficult.

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