Our legal, accounting and labour departments are perfectly coordinated for seamless operation.

We provide advice on accounting matters, take charge of bookkeeping and tax filing, and supervise the bookkeeping that companies themselves keep through their internal accounting departments.

The accounting department conducts the activities of information processing of the economic movements of companies and businesses. It covers businesses’ legal accounting and social obligations, such as preparing, presenting, and legalising the accounting books, minutes, and other relevant documentation before the corresponding bodies. This department is crucial for analysing the economic-financial information of our clients to provide proposals before needs arise.

We keep your company’s accounts by applying and interpreting the rules of registration and valuation of the Spanish General Accounting Plan (PGC). Consultations with the Instituto de Contabilidad y Auditoría de Cuentas (Institute of Accounting and Account Audits (ICAC). In addition, we advise on bankruptcy accountancy.

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