Our firm can advise you and manage your affairs concerning the special tax consolidation scheme. The main feature of this scheme is that the taxpayer is the tax group rather than its component companies.

A tax group is understood to be a group of entities resident in Spanish territory that meet certain legal requirements, in the form of public limited companies, limited liability companies and partnerships limited by shares, as well as certain banking foundations.

There are certain requirements related to the percentages of shareholdings in other entities, the voting rights of dependent entities, incompatibilities between regimes and other considerations. However, this tax regime is of interest to groups wishing to offset taxable income and tax losses of the individual entities forming the group; of the best advantages in the area of limiting the deductibility of financial expenses; of the capitalisation reserve; of provisions for the impairment of loans and other assets arising from the possible insolvencies of debtors unrelated to the taxpayer.

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