Administration at all levels

We advise companies and individuals on financial and accounting matters, keeping books, filing taxes, and overseeing accounting records prepared by companies’ in-house accounting personnel.

When it comes to tax, our firm can help with a wide variety of foreign and domestic matters, handling all types of procedures in the tax area. From filing tax declarations to representing our clients during tax reviews and investigations, we specialise in handing your dealings with the Tax Inspectorate.

We process all types of state and regional taxes, both assigned and local, for any liability (personal or real), preparing personal income tax statements, advising on ETVE and the special regime for mergers, divisions, transfers of assets, securities swaps and changes of registered address, fiscal consolidation scheme, and consultations to the Directorate-General for Taxation.

The ultimate aim is fiscal efficiency in our clients’ tax affairs within the options available.

The proper functioning of this department is based on perfect interaction between the legal, accounting and labour areas.

The accounting department processes information about the economic affairs of companies and businesses. Our staff insurance compliance with legal accounting and corporate liabilities, preparing, filing and legalising accounting books, records and other documentation required by the authorities.

This department is crucial for analysing our clients’ economic and financial information to be able to make suggestions that anticipate your needs.

Economic and financial consultancy
Financial and accounting advice
Labour Advice

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